Terms of delivery and payment

Terms of payment

30 days net from the invoice date. In case of default of payment we will hand over our claims to the debt collection service.

We reserve the right to deliver only against advance payment. In general, we deliver to foreign customers only against advance payment.

The place of performance and place of jurisdiction is Wolfratshausen.

Retention of title

The delivered goods shall remain our property until full payment has been received.

Delivery dates

Binding and non-binding delivery dates or delivery periods may be agreed. These must be specified in writing. Delivery periods shall begin with the order confirmation. In the event of changes to the order, delivery dates may be postponed. A reminder may be sent to the supplier at the earliest one week after the agreed delivery date or delivery period.

Claims for damages due to delayed delivery are excluded.

Force majeure or operational disruptions occurring at the supplier or his contractual partner(s) which temporarily prevent timely delivery shall cause a change in the delivery dates or delivery periods comensurate with the duration of the performance disruptions brought about by the circumstances.


Deliveries are generally ex works, plus packaging and transport. We carry out deliveries using our in-house forwarding agent or parcel service. All goods delivered via third-party forwarding agents are generally delivered and invoiced with one-way pallets.


The customer can only assert warranty rights if the exact conditions of use were known at the time of acceptance of the order and the delivered goods were used for the intended purpose.

Technical information and recommendations of the supplier are based on reasonable examination and are made outside contractual obligations. There shall be no liability for this.

Liability for delivered goods with a material or manufacturing defect shall be assumed for a period of 6 months from the handover date. The warranty shall be provided, at the discretion of the supplier, either by repairing the delivered item free of charge or by a replacement delivery.

No liability shall be assumed for further claims or rights (consequential costs or consequential damages) unless intent or gross negligence can be proven. In all other respects, liability shall be excluded. This also applies to claims for damages to non-delivered products themselves or to third parties.

Natural wear and tear is excluded from the warranty.

The goods must be inspected immediately upon delivery for visible defects and accuracy of the stipulated dimensions. Any complaints in this respect must be reported within 7 days and a sufficient sample of the goods under complaint must be sent to us immediately for inspection. If no samples of the goods under complaint are made available, the warranty claim shall lapse.

The feed function for profiles or hoses cannot generally be guaranteed and is therefore excluded from complaints.


Orders without tolerance specifications will be manufactured according to the corresponding DIN and ISO standards.

We are not certified!

Special productions with specific dimensions or qualities require certain minimum quantities and may possibly also be exceeded or undercut. These must be accepted in full. The ring lengths are selected as best as possible by the supplier and are excluded from complaints, provided there is no separate agreement to the contrary. If no colour specifications are listed in detail in the order, our standard colours available at the time of ordering shall apply and these cannot be objected to.

Tool production

Pro rata tool costs shall be charged for tools and subsequent equipment. The pro rata tool and subsequent equipment costs shall guarantee the customer a 5-year exclusive right of use, but the tools and subsequent equipment produced shall remain the property of the supplier. After expiry of the exclusive right of use, the supplier shall decide whether further use is possible or whether there is need for fresh manufacture. The supplier undertakes to store these tools and subsequent equipment properly. The customer shall not at any one time surrender the tools or subsequent equipment.


We reserve the right to charge or transfer price increases on the part of our suppliers to prices already confirmed and offered, as well as to existing price lists.

Framework agreements can be concluded for a maximum of 6 months and must terminate at the end of the calendar year. Acceptance shall be confirmed by the customer as binding within the agreed time frame. Outstanding residual quantities shall be delivered and invoiced without prior notice at the expiry of the deadline. We may assess a minimum order value and charge for setup, adjustment and colour change costs.

Packaging will be charged according to the actual amount of work involved in terms of number of employees, hours, additional processing and/or special production. The exact costs shall arise during production and cannot be mandatorily quantified in advance. The client undertakes to pay these costs in full.

Version of March 2018

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