A profile hose from Bavaria for multifunctional use

Hoses do not necessarily have to be round. In the industrial sector in particular, cross-sections are often used that deviate from standard products. They fulfil different properties and functions. Essentially, a special profile hose can optimise the flow rate without compromising on pressure load, flexibility and resistance to cold, heat and solvents.

As an example, several flow channels can be accommodated in one cross-section, thus enabling a profile hose to transport different types of liquids or solids. In many areas, oil and air separators are used in the form of additional grooves and recesses. An optimised profile can also reduce frictional resistance and thus increase the flow rate, thereby creating a considerable advantage, especially when operating production plants. If space is limited, hoses with enhanced flexibility are ideal. With these designs in particular, the cross-section has a significant influence on flexibility.

Our tool-making department in Bavaria has the right solution for almost every purpose. We have a wide range of profile hose tools at your disposal. If there are no special requirements, we’ll produce customised cross-sections for you. We use only high-quality plastics for production, and these must meet high industrial, technical and specific properties if required. We also use modern extruders. These produce special hoses of any length and diameter that are in demand not only in Bavaria. Please contact us and get an overview of our product portfolio.

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